Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February MyGlam bag ~2012~

To be honest this month's bag wasn't my favorite, comparing it the other months.  Then again that's the whole point of monthly subscriptions sometimes you love them sometimes you don't.  If you want to know more about MyGlam you can check out their website and/or check out last month's review.  
Honestamente este mes no fue mi favorito,en comparación con otros meses. Sin embargo, ese es el punto de las suscripciones mensuales a veces te encanta y a veces no. Si desea saber más acerca de myglam puede visitar su pagina electronica y / o mi revisión del mes de enero.
This month they changed the packaging to hot pink for Valentines.
Este mes cambiaron el empaque a un color fushia en para el día de San Valentín.
I received the Freeman Facial Hydration Mask in Gogi Berry. Smells fruity and leaves your skin super soft.  It will last you about 3 to 4 facials.
Recibí la máscara de Freeman Hidratación Facial en Gogi Berry. Tiene olor a frutas y deja la piel súper suave. Tendrá una duración de 3 a 4 tratamientos faciales.
This was the only makeup product in the whole bag and it was the least thing I looking forward to. Just because I don't plan on putting glitter on my lips and don't put it very often on my face or body.  I mean I got a green/teal color; not very practical.  I love NYX products just not a fan of this.  
Este fue el único producto de maquillaje que trajo la bolsa y era lo menos que yo estaba esperando.  No tengo planes de ponerme brillo en los labios y no lo ponga muy a menudo en la cara o el cuerpo. Ademas me a mi me llego un color verde / azul verdoso, no es muy práctico. Me encantan los productos de NYX pero no soy una fanática de este.
This is the X Out Shine Control oil free moisturizer.  It's supposed to keep you shine free all day.  I use this as a primer and as a moisturizer in the morning.  I notice a difference only in the morning since I do live in a humid climate.
 Esto es el X Out Shine Control  humectante  que no contiene aceiteSe supone que mantenga su cara sin brillo durante todo el día. Lo uso como un "primer" y como humectante por la mañana. Note una diferencia sólo por la mañana ya que vivo en un clima húmedo.
So instead of sending us a product they sent us this $100 gift certificate for NuMe.  The catch is that you can only use this on styling tools and/or hair extentions.  This is pretty much usless to me since I already have a the styling tools that I need and am happy with them.  Now if you are looking for styling tools or hair extetions this will be perfect for you.
En vez de enviarnos un producto nos enviaron este certificado de regalo de $ 100 para NuMe. El problema es que sólo se puede utilizar esto en 
herramientas de belleza y / o extensiones de pelo. Esto es inútil para mí ya que tengo herramientas de belleza y estoy feliz con ellos. Ahora bien, si usted está buscando herramientas de belleza o extensiones de pelo esto será perfecto para usted.
The last product they sent was the Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask.  I havent used this yet so I can't really say anything about it other than if this is a deluxe size I don't want to see the full size.  I would think that it wouldn't even give you enough for a full facial, but I'll half to report on that later.
El último producto que recibí fue el Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask. No lo he utilizado todavía así que realmente no puedo decir nada sobre él con excepción de que si esto es un tamaño de lujo que no quiero imaginarme el tamaño completo. Pienso que es lo suficiente para un facial completo, pero tendré que  informar sobre esto más adelante.
As their extra treat they sent two Ghirardelli chocolate bars.  One is milk chocolate and one dark chocolate.
Como un regalo extra nos enviaron dos barras de chocolate Ghirardelli. Uno de chocolate con leche y uno de chocolate oscuro.

Wasn’t impressed this month nothing really stood out except the moisturizer and the chocolate.  Also most of these products are things that you can buy at your local Walgreen's.  This month’s total is $120.11 ($20.11 without the certificate).
No me impresionó este mes, excepto el humectante y el chocolate. También la mayoría de estos productos son cosas que se pueden comprar en Walgreen's. El total de este mes es $120.11 ($20.11 sin el certificado).

Diane Cristi

Sunday, February 26, 2012


So last week I was in need of some necessities so I went to my local CGX (Coast Guard exchange) and Walgreen's and grabbed some things.
 I know I'm one of the last people to get the Maybelline Color Tattoos but OH MY GOSH! It is amazing.  It stays on and doesn't crease, is super pigmented, and is a really good base.  I got this in Bold Gold. Said to be better than the MAC paint pots. I'll be doing a review on this shortly.
Another Maybelline product that came out in their spring collection are the Bouncy Blushes.  These are what replaced their old cream blushes which were the Dream Smooth Mousse.  Any who this is in the shade Plum Wine.
  I think this is such an innovative idea.  It's no secret that everyone looses their bobby pins. That's why it's such a great idea so you can keep them all in one place. Bobby Pins are in Black.
 I needed conditioner ASAP and when I went to my CGX they ran out of my usual one, which is Pantene's Frizzy to Smooth.  I've heard such good things about Organix that i had to give it a try.  Now I'm not going to lie I picked this one out purely on scent because this smells AMAZING.  So far it works well but I have to give it a couple more washes to see how it really works with my hair.
Smells like grapes and works fine not the best hold but then again it's "flexible hold".  But one thing I like about it is that it doesn't leave your hair crunchy.  
This is my holy grail Shampoo.  I love it and I've used it for years.

Note: I got these items last week, before I started Project Pan.

Diane Cristi

Saturday, February 25, 2012

FOTD- Au Natural (with a little help)

Last Saturday I went out to eat at my favorite Breakfast/lunch cafe, called El Carey located in Isabela, PR.  I really enjoy eating there when I come home on the weekends not only because the food is delicious, but also because it's located right next to the beach.  I went last Saturday with my bestie Elvira who also has a blog called First, Dessert: A Baker's Corner.  Any who since I was just going out to for a quick lunch I wanted a more natural look so I went for my everyday minimal makeup.  
What I'm wearing:
  • L'oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup 
  • Sheer Cover concealer  
  • Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine
  • Tarte Light's Camera Lashes mascara
  • EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint
My hair is in the "second day curl" state that's why it has the wavy look to it.
 (I always get the special which is eggs, ham, and toast. But I really want to try their Oreo Pancakes)
Elvira's wearing:
  • Bare Minerals Prime time Oil Control
  • Clinique Super Defense SPF25 Moisturizer
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette 
  • Clinique Blush in Sunset Glow  
  • Loreal Paris Infallible Pressed Powder in Sun Beige & Buff Beige 
  • Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder 
  • Loreal True Match concealer 
  • Clinique High Length Mascara 
  • Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour Taupe
  • Covergirl's NatureLuxe  Gloss Balm in Cabernet 
As you can tell she loves her some Clinique :)
She ordered the Acai Bowl (Mini) as well as the Special.
My choice of drink was some Passion Fruit juice (so yummy)

Diane Cristi

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Pan!

For those of you who are wondering what Project Pan is, it's when you try to use up a certain amount of products in a certain amount of time.  Well I'm going to do it a little differently.  Since Lent is finally here (yes I'm Catholic) well I'm going to sacrifice buying any type of makeup/nail polish products! Yes you read right.  For 40 days I'm going to be beauty product free (at least from buying new ones that is).  Another reason other than just Lent I really want to use some products up that I haven't gotten the most use out of since I bought them.  

The rules are:
  1. Must hit pan (or use up product ex. foundation)
  2. Cannot buy ANY products what so ever
  3. If I am gifted any new products I doesn't count (my birthday is in a week)
The term hitting pan is when you use up a product so much that you can literally see the pan at the bottom.  An example would be my daily powder:
And as a added bonus I'll be saving while I'm at it! Wohoo!  Let's see how this goes, wish me luck!

Diane Cristi

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect tinted moisturizer? Tired of wearing foundation everyday when all you really want is minimal coverage?  Don't have the money to spend on one right now? Well I've got your answer!  Make it, and the best thing is that you most likely already have the ingredients in your home.  Here's what you need:
  • Moisturizer
  • Your favorite foundation
  • Put about a pea size amount of moisturizer on your hand 
  • Add half a pea size of foundation to it and mix
  • Apply to your face and blend out
It's that easy!  I do this the days where I want to have a little more color on my face other than just some powder.  I do this a lot when I go out during the day or even when I go to college because I want minimal makeup but I still want to even out my skin tone and have it look polished.  
The end product
Diane Cristi

Monday, February 20, 2012

Save the Bunnies

Today I'm here with a review on a much requested post of what is my preferred brand of brushes.  I have quite a few brushes in my collection ranging from drugstore to high end.  Many of them are in fact drug store, but as a whole I believe that Sigma wins hands down.  They have a wide selection of brushes, makeup, and tools that are wonderful and for a high end brand aren't that expensive.   I recently got my hands on the Mr. Bunny collection (travel size) and I love it! Not only is it completely vegan it utilizes the Sigmax HD fibers.  What that means basically is that since it isn't real hair it won't absorb the product and it helps your makeup glide on easier giving you that flawless look.  
The packaging is cute and I think that it's adorable that they themed the box to have bunny hands at the top.
It also brings the brush holder which by itself costs $20 and it is essentially free.  
What I like to do with the brush holder is split it in half and divide my brushes into eyes and face. It's a great storage trick.
Another plus is that since the brushes are synthetic they are softer than real hair bristles.

If you're looking for good quality brushes that will last decades I highly recommend Sigma.  They have a lot of different collections to choose from as well.  Some of my recommendations would be:
  • Mr. Bunny or Mrs. Bunny 
  • Sigmax 
  • Essential Kit
You can purchase their products on their website by clicking here.  And as a thank you to my followers here is a coupon code for the month of February: LOVE2012

Diane Cristi

PS.  Click here to see my tip on how to clean your brushes (doesn't matter which brand it may be).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Purple florals

Today's OOTD is inspired by spring which is creeping up upon us.  I went out to celebrate my father's ? birthday tonight and had the urge to get a little dressed up (nothing is ever wrong with that). ;) This is a perfect dinner outfit, it's very sweet and to the point.  
Look consists of:
  • Dress: Necessary Objects by Ady Gluck Frankel
  • Shoes: Limelight
  • Purse: Coach
  • Belt: Gift
  • Jewelry: Handcrafted (not by me) 

Nail polish is Cotton Candy by Bettina (toes)
Finish the look off by curling your hair and pinning back your bangs for a more polished look.  

Diane Cristi

PS. To see what polish I'mwearing check out my NOTD: I Need a Re-fresh Mint and Celebrate.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NOTD- Valentine Edition

This special NOTD post is obviously inspired by Valentine's Day.  Wanting to stay in the range of pinks and reds I came up with this simple cute look that is VERY easy to obtain.  I started out with a base (any will do) and then applied two coats of Bettina's “Cotton Candy”, which is a creamy baby pink polish, on all my nails.  I waited about 5 minutes for it to dry and put on both ring fingers Deborah Lippmann's "Do ya think I'm sexy", red glitter polish that has chunky hexagonal glitters.  With this polish you might want to adjust the glitters so it covers your entire nail.  Then waited 2 minutes and put on my top coat.  My favorite is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri because it literally dries in about 2 minutes.
From left to right: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Deborah Lippmann "Do ya think I'm sexy", and Bettina "Cotton Candy"
Just as a side note Bettina polishes are the bomb! They cost about $2.50 a pop and they are very opaque. I haven't had a problem with any of them so far and I have a lot of them in my collection. 

Diane Cristi

ps. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gift ideas from Her to Him

Only two more days until the holiday of love comes around and I know there are some of you who still haven't gotten around to buying that special someone out there their present.  Here are some gift ideas for this holiday season.
Go to my Polyvore so you can find out where to find these items and what are the prices.
  • Dinner- Cook your loved one a homemade romantic dinner.  Some ideas could be:
    • Lasagna
    • Pasta
    • Steak
    • Salmon
  • Cologne- Who doesn't love a man who smells yummy?  For this holiday give the gift of cologne and pick out the one that you want him to wear so every time you see him you will fall in love again.
  • Cupcakes- Every man loves himself some cake!  I would personally opt for cupcakes since it’s such an imitate occasion (eating a whole cake, not cute).  I would recommend red velvet for Valentine's Day as well.  
  • Shirt- Get your man a clean button down shirt for those nights out on the town or any occasion you want him to look put together.
  • Watch- Every time he looks to see what time it is he will be reminded of you. 
  • Shoes- Every man needs a good pair of moccasins. It would go wonderfully with any outfit.
  • Chocolate- Signature Valentine's Day staple.  Even guys love getting pampered sometimes.
  • Body pillow- I came across this on the internet and I couldn't take my eyes off it! I      mean really how adorable is it?! The website also has individual pillows that are if not as adorable as this one better.
  • Adventure- This might appeal to some more than others but this is an activity that both or you can enjoy together.  Take him hiking or kayaking or whatever you have your mind set on.  The point is it is something both of you will have fun doing.
  • Sweater- Get him a sweater so when you're cold you can steal it from him ;)
Diane Cristi

*Disclaimer- These photos do not belong to me.  Credit given to Polyvore.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Economic Valentine Gift Ideas from Him to Her

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and most likely your secret admirer is in a rut and doesn't know what to get you. I've come up with some gift ideas that are romantic and as always economic.

Go to my Polyvore so you can find out where to find these items and what are the prices.
  • Flowers- Is the staple for this holiday.  I recommend red roses but any will do. For those of you who want to be a little different orchids are also a very good alternative.
  • Dress- I just think that this simple sunflower dress is beautiful and very feminine and would be a very cute and sweet gift.
  • Gift Certificate for the Spa- Us women are always multitasking and sometimes just need a day off.  Surprise her with a day at the Spa and she will love you forever.
  • Chocolate- Another staple Valentine’s Day present that is a must!  Even if you get the cheapest of chocolates it is something that you cannot do without.  My favorites are the Godiva chocolates. 
  • Candle- Vanilla candles are a signature scent for Valentines because they are so sensual and relaxing.  This Yankee candle in French Vanilla is to die for.  Give this to her and when she is just hanging around her house or what not her surroundings will smell like heaven.  Any vanilla candle will do.  Another option would be lavender.
  • Red Glitter Polish- I actually own a bottle and this is a beautiful color that with a couple of coats gives you that complete glitter nail.
  • Voucher Booklet- This just may be the cheapest item on the list, well because it's FREE.  Yes, all you need is paper, a pair of scissors, a marker, a stapler and your creativity. Some ideas could be:
    • Free kiss
    • Free hug
    • Night on the town
  • Ring- Gorgeous ruby ring that I'm in love with!  I think it's just one of those staple pieces that every girl should have in their collection. You can purchase this at the Silpada website.  
  • Purse- Simple black crossover bag that is a dupe for the signature Chanel bag at a fraction of the cost.  This is also a staple item. I mean this goes with literally ALMOST anything.
  • Mary Janes- These red Mary Janes are to die for and for only $33! I mean HELLO!  Your valentine will be swept of her feet when she sees these and will look gorgeous.
  • Earrings- It's the classic stud with a twist.  This has been a trend for a while and I don't see it going anywhere soon.  It's such a delicate and a cute gift that she will be touched.  Personally I am a sucker for anything with a bow on it!
  • Bangles- Such a beautiful set of metallic bangles that will compliment any outfit.  They are great to accessorize practically every outfit; either day or night.

Diane Cristi

*Disclaimer- These photos do not belong to me.  Credit given to Polyvore.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wild enough?

The Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trios are wonderful eye shadows which have been on the market for quite a while and I personal LOVE them.  They are very inexpensive at around $3 (depending where you buy them) but boy do they have wonderful color payoff.  I have the two palettes from the line in:
  • Silent Treatment 
  • Sweet as Candy
Also these have directions on the back so if you do not feel comfortable or just do not know what to do it will guide you through.  
Silent Treatment consists of: 
A peachy pink highlight color
A deep brown/black micro glitter crease color
Beautiful Taupe lid color (my favorite in my collection)
I use this a lot for going out since the deep crease color is very pigmented.   
Sweet as Candy consists of:
A creamy white highlight
Brown crease color
Pink lid color
This is more of what I would weare every day, perfect for daytime activities.
Silent Treatment 
Sweet as Candy
All these shades have a satin finish to them except the deep crease color in the Silent a Treatment Trio which has some micro glitter in it.  Also all the swatches I took are without primer. YES thats how pigmented they are. For only $3 a pop you can't go wrong.

Diane Cristi

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Makeup in a shopping bag?

Introducing Sephora's Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette! This is an adorable and such a unique little makeup palette shaped into the Sephora shopping bag. This palette includes:
  • 9 Eye Shadows
  • 4 Lip Glosses
  • 1 Blush
I received this as a Christmas present and was very surprised at the pigmentation of ALL the eye shadows; they're also very rich and creamy.  This palette contains 7 frosty shades and 2 matte shades (the brown and the purple). I'm not so fond of the lip glosses.  They all come off on the lips clear and wear off easily.  Now the blush on the other hand is wonderful.  It has shimmer and is a beautiful pink/peachy color.
I find myself reaching for the champagne and rich brown shade a lot because they are just so gorgeous!  And for only $15 you cannot go wrong!  It is perfect to put in your bag when you’re on the go and when you’re travelling because it will hardly take up any space at all and it has all the essentials.  All in all it's a very convenient product and a GREAT gift!

Diane Cristi

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to clean your dirty brushes

The brushes that we use daily are usually full of product but what many people don't realize is that they are full of dirt and bacteria.  This may cause breakouts, styes, allergic reactions, rashes among other things. Over the past year I have tried different methods of deep cleaning my brushes and finally found a way that suits me. 
  1. Olive oil
  2. Liquid soap (preferably anti-bacterial)
  3. Mixing bowl
  4. Paper cloth
  5. Dirty brushes
  1. You want to make a mixture of both the soap and olive oil; half and half.
  2. Wet the brush making sure not getting the upper part the barrel (because the glue will loosen and the bristles will shed).
  3. Dip the brush in the mix and swirl in your palm and rinse with water.
  4. Repeat part 3 until the water is clear.
  5. Then squeeze out the excess water with a towel.
  6. Set to dry on top off the paper towel.
You should deep clean your brushes once a week to two weeks and spot clean right after you clean your brushes.  A good spot cleaner is Mac's Brush Cleanser. And a BIG must is that you should never share brushes and if you do CLEAN them right after.  Hope you found this helpful!

Diane Cristi

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