Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Gift ideas from Her to Him

Only two more days until the holiday of love comes around and I know there are some of you who still haven't gotten around to buying that special someone out there their present.  Here are some gift ideas for this holiday season.
Go to my Polyvore so you can find out where to find these items and what are the prices.
  • Dinner- Cook your loved one a homemade romantic dinner.  Some ideas could be:
    • Lasagna
    • Pasta
    • Steak
    • Salmon
  • Cologne- Who doesn't love a man who smells yummy?  For this holiday give the gift of cologne and pick out the one that you want him to wear so every time you see him you will fall in love again.
  • Cupcakes- Every man loves himself some cake!  I would personally opt for cupcakes since it’s such an imitate occasion (eating a whole cake, not cute).  I would recommend red velvet for Valentine's Day as well.  
  • Shirt- Get your man a clean button down shirt for those nights out on the town or any occasion you want him to look put together.
  • Watch- Every time he looks to see what time it is he will be reminded of you. 
  • Shoes- Every man needs a good pair of moccasins. It would go wonderfully with any outfit.
  • Chocolate- Signature Valentine's Day staple.  Even guys love getting pampered sometimes.
  • Body pillow- I came across this on the internet and I couldn't take my eyes off it! I      mean really how adorable is it?! The website also has individual pillows that are if not as adorable as this one better.
  • Adventure- This might appeal to some more than others but this is an activity that both or you can enjoy together.  Take him hiking or kayaking or whatever you have your mind set on.  The point is it is something both of you will have fun doing.
  • Sweater- Get him a sweater so when you're cold you can steal it from him ;)
Diane Cristi

*Disclaimer- These photos do not belong to me.  Credit given to Polyvore.


  1. hahah I <3 <3 <3 the pillow! I know my guy would want/need one because he's a sleeping hugger if that made sense lol it's perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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