Monday, February 20, 2012

Save the Bunnies

Today I'm here with a review on a much requested post of what is my preferred brand of brushes.  I have quite a few brushes in my collection ranging from drugstore to high end.  Many of them are in fact drug store, but as a whole I believe that Sigma wins hands down.  They have a wide selection of brushes, makeup, and tools that are wonderful and for a high end brand aren't that expensive.   I recently got my hands on the Mr. Bunny collection (travel size) and I love it! Not only is it completely vegan it utilizes the Sigmax HD fibers.  What that means basically is that since it isn't real hair it won't absorb the product and it helps your makeup glide on easier giving you that flawless look.  
The packaging is cute and I think that it's adorable that they themed the box to have bunny hands at the top.
It also brings the brush holder which by itself costs $20 and it is essentially free.  
What I like to do with the brush holder is split it in half and divide my brushes into eyes and face. It's a great storage trick.
Another plus is that since the brushes are synthetic they are softer than real hair bristles.

If you're looking for good quality brushes that will last decades I highly recommend Sigma.  They have a lot of different collections to choose from as well.  Some of my recommendations would be:
  • Mr. Bunny or Mrs. Bunny 
  • Sigmax 
  • Essential Kit
You can purchase their products on their website by clicking here.  And as a thank you to my followers here is a coupon code for the month of February: LOVE2012

Diane Cristi

PS.  Click here to see my tip on how to clean your brushes (doesn't matter which brand it may be).


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