Saturday, January 28, 2012

January MyGlam bag ~2012~

Once again welcome to my blog and I'm excited to share with you my January MyGlam bag.  For those who don't know what MyGlam it's a new monthly beauty subscription where users receive 4-5 deluxe samples and full size products for only $10 and free shipping.  It was also created by four Youtube beauty gurus, and the founder is Michelle Phan.  I mean how cool is that? Once you join you are prompted to take a quiz where the MyGlam team will "style" you according to your answers.  The only down side is that it isn't international and that since it is relatively new (came out in December of 2011) it's hard to subscribe.  The good news is that you can sign up and the team will e-mail you when there are new subscriptions.  Another good thing about this company is that the customer service is EXCELLENT.  Any problems you may encounter you can ask them via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook and they respond fairly quickly.
The packaging is a pretty pink metallic color. The only thing I don't like very much is that the flap isn't secured very well.  
The beautiful bag.
This month subscribers either got a nail polish or a eyeshadow.  This is a full size product, valued at $10.
This is the shade in Shameless Shana, which is a gorgeous bronzy brown color. 
This is the Sheer Cover concealer in Light/Medium, also a full size valued at $29.
Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, Deluxe sample, full size retails of $36. 
Wonderful peel-off mask that smells OMG so yummy, just like cucumbers.  Full size product valued at $8.
The gang all together.  

I've been a customer for two months now and although it is still new I am surprised and so excited for the things yet to come.  I would recommend this service to anyone!

Diane Cristi


  1. I wanted to try the MyGlam bag so bad, but I heard a lot of people were having trouble with it this month which made me weary of joining :/. All the products look fabulous though!

    1. I was one of the lucky ones who once it was announced I subscribed once away. I experienced the delay in delivery but it was delivered before the date that costumer service said. All in all I think that since it is a new company it will have it' bumps along the way, but I think it's an awesome company! I recommend it!

  2. I agree with Macy, I was really interested in trying MyGlam but had some concerns...Maybe waiting a few months until the kinks are out of the system would be best?! Great review though :)


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